Picture Hunting – season II – an online game :)

Posted: 05/29/2014 in Uncategorized
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We are glad to announce that this year’s picture hunting,is already ongoing on our facebook page, this time searching for the INTANGIBLE HERITAGE of the world!!

For those that followed our game on facebook & Twitter last year, the main idea is posting a historical picture –having all of you identifying where that comes from. For those that haven’t played last year, you can read all about on an extended article on edialogos http://www.diadrasis.org/dialogos/dialogos_003/edialogos_003-GOMEZ-TAPINI.pdf 

We are posting historical images from all around the world, and you will have to identify in a comment Country and the name of the depicted Intangible heritage. We then reveal the correct answer together with the digital repository the day after!

Even if you are not sure, post your comments, last year we had some interesting debates and discoveries by collaboration. Anecdotes about that intangible heritage are also more than welcome!!!

Those of you that want to contribute to the game with an image from your country’s heritage, email the image to diadrasis@diadrasis.org including basic information:
– Name and brief description, including anecdotes around it if you have any
– the link to the digital repository that hosted the illustration
– and your name and country of course, for the credits!

Join us, it is great fun!


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